Boiled Potato

Boiled Potato is a sample recipes app built for both Android and iOS. The recipe data is provided by Spoonacular on a REST API served on rapidapi.com. The app allows you to search for recipes filtered by cuisine type. Users can then view recipe details on a separate screen. Users can also save favorite recipes on their phone.

On Android, the application was built using the Kotlin programming language and with Android Architecture Components. Notable libraries used to build the app are Koin (Dependency Injection), Retrofit (Web Requests), and Room (Local Database Caching). On iOS, the app was built using Swift programming language and UIKit for the user interface. Notable libraries are Alamofire (Web Requests), Swinject (Dependency Injection), and SQLite.swift (Local Database Caching).

Additionally, the app has also been built using React Native, a cross platform tool for building apps on both Android and iOS. This code base uses the Redux architecture and Expo for building the app.

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